10 Best Audacity Plugins for (Vocals & Podcast 2024)

Best Audacity Plugins: Are you ready to level up your audio editing experience in 2024? Audacity plugins are becoming very popular nowadays, as many people are into podcasting. Editing requires a lot of effort to make the audio better. This is where Audacity plugins play a crucial role.

Imagine having a suite of tools at your fingertips that streamline your workflow and inject professional-quality finesse into your projects. These top 10 Audacity plugins for 2024 are user-friendly and packed with advanced features that were once the exclusive domain of high-end recording studios.

From crystal-clear vocal clarity to captivating sound effects, these plugins will elevate your audio content, making it irresistible to listeners and setting you apart in the competitive world of digital audio.

Whether you’re a dedicated podcaster or an audio enthusiast, this Audacity Guide post is for you. These 10 best Audacity plugins can elevate your audio experience and captivate listeners. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Key takeaways

  • The top 10 Audacity plugins offer a variety of features for audio editing, suitable for podcasters, musicians, and audio enthusiasts.
  • These plugins, including Valhalla Super Massive Reverb and Live Voice Changer Graillon 2, cater to both beginners and advanced users.
  • This AudacityGuide discusses key features of these plugins, including noise removal, pitch fixing, and dynamic range compression, which are beneficial for professional audio editing.
  • When choosing plugins, consider user experience, budget, and platform compatibility to find the best fit for your audio editing needs.
  • The effectiveness of these plugins is enhanced by community support and regular updates, ensuring compatibility and providing troubleshooting assistance.

Here are the ten best Audacity plugins you may want to consider: 

1. OTT Compressor (Free)

You must try an OTT compressor by Xfer Records if you use Audacity to increase or decrease the audio level. You can use this plugin to compress the audio upward and downward. You will also love its visual display.  It is also compatible with macOS and Windows, so you can work with your audio smoothly without having a problem with compatibility.  You can download it for free.

Multiband compressorLimited features
User-friendly adjustment scale
Input/output gain available
Easy-to-use and fast plugin

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2. MuseFX Noise Gate (Free)


As the name suggests, this Audacity plugin can cancel the noise. You don’t need to use other noise-canceling software when you use this. It’s like creating a wall around the instrument sound and recording without hearing any annoying background noise.

You can also use it as an amplifier to enhance the sound quality. With that feature, you don’t need to use another tool for amplification to remove distortion from the audio. MuseFX is free and available for Windows and MacOS users.

Allows you to enable recording instrument onlyIt works better with the guitar sound
Allows you to edit before and after clipsCuts the slight instrumental notes
Audio signals are clear
Allows you to cancel noise audio before processing 

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3. Live Voice Changer Graillon 2 (Free)

Live Voice Changer Graillon 2 Audacity Plugin

If you want to correct the pitch of your audio but want to remove the echo, this Audacity plugin has got you covered! You can find many features in this plugin that will help you correct the pitch of the sound.

It also works for voice distortion, so whether you like a realistic or funny sound, this plugin will do just what you like. This plugin is free and one of the coolest plugins available. If you want a full edition, you can pay $29.

It features a built-in pitch correctionSuitable for advanced users
Allows you to change the voice effectively Limited features in a free subscription
It features multiple controllers

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4. FFmpeg: Import/Export Audio Formats

FFmpeg Plugin

The import-export library is the way to go if you also face the FFmpeg library’s format restrictions. This is a third-party plugin you can use to extend the format list. It also lets you insert and save any file, extract audio from it, and use the software. This is also beneficial when sending Audacity files via email.

Allow you to extend the format listNot available in Audacity Library
It lets you use the output in various audio formats
Pre-recorded clip format available

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5. MEqualizer EQ Plugin (Free)

MEqualizer EQ Plugin

If you are looking for an Audacity plugin with some of the features missing in your Audacity software, you need this plugin. This plugin offers many features that will be very useful for your subsequent audio editing and recording. With this plugin, you can easily edit music and create fade-out effects

This is free, but its capabilities don’t quite match those of other paid M/S plugins due to its limited range of bands and flexibility. But for those who don’t already have access to similar tools, it could be a very appealing option.

It features built-in effects and advanced toolsNot suitable for starters
Improved the Audacity performanceSome features are hidden 
It features a Visual analyzer
Easy-to-use controller

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6. ACX Check for Audiobooks Producers (Free)

This plugin works perfectly while maintaining sound quality. However, consider adding another Audacity plugin to separate vocals from the instruments’ sound, as it only allows recording from this platform. This free plugin lets you analyze a section of your audio track and gauge your audio levels, including peak, RMS, and noise floor.

You can download the ACX plugin on the Audacity website.

Compatible with audiobook recordingAutomatic updates are unavailable
No negative effects in Audacity while using
Easy to install and use
It has many built-in features

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7. Valhalla Super Massive Reverb (Free)

Valhalla Super Massive Reverb

If you have been experiencing difficulty managing Audacity plugins due to the complex user interface, you must switch to the Valhalla plugin. This provides easy-to-understand documentation, so you will be able to handle its feature access. 

You can ensure that the documentation is reliable because the developer created it. You can use this plugin for different purposes like removing echo, editing audio, etc.

Suitable for beginnersBest for reverb editor
Easy to understand and use
Easy to install
User-friendly interface

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8. TDR Nova (Free)

TDR Nova

If you want a plugin with the dynamic equalizer feature, choose TDR Nova. With this Audacity plugin, you can perform different tasks, from volume adjustment to extraction of track separation. Also, if your Audacity vocal remover is not working, this plugin is perfect to end that issue. 

This plugin is available for free. TDR Nova is compatible with both Mac and PC. The Mac edition is exclusively 64-bit, whereas the VST Windows variant remains accessible in 32-bit.

It has basic to advanced featuresUsing it for recording may not be as good as for editing
Allows you to customize the featuresNeed some knowledge for better use
Easy-to-understand interface
Open-source plugin

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9. Retro Color by XLN Audio (Paid)

Retro Color by XLN Audio
Image by XLN Audio

Saturation is important in mixing sounds to add some life. So, if you have been facing problems with lifeless sounds, the Retro Color by XLN is the way to go. This plugin sets you apart from others because it has everything you need in one place.

You can add saturation and noise in many ways while maintaining the quality of the sounds. You can give this plugin a free trial, but there is a subsequent charge of $69.97.

Includes a noise generatorThe modules may disappear when bypassed
Features a reverb module
Built-in advanced features

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10. Chris Dynamic Compressor (Free)

Compression is widely used in audio production. This is why Chris Dynamic Compressor is one of the most used plugins for Audacity fans.  People love the easy-to-use interface, as it is simple while offering reliable key parameters. 

This plugin helps remove the abrupt interventions of volume by employing this compressor. You can use this famous Audacity plugin to soften the audio or work on the loudness. If you want to experiment with a different type of compressor, you must try this free Audacity plug-in.

Equalization effect split featureKnowledge about various versions is needed
It features a vocal remover
Maintenance feature option 
Easy-to-use interface

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Choosing Audacity Plugins: Factors to Consider

No audacity plugins are the same. That is why it is crucial to know some factors to consider to make an informed decision. Let us explore each of them:

  • Experience: If you are a skilled audio editor or podcaster, look for one with advanced features. But if you don’t need those farther, you may settle for a simpler one. 
  • Your Budget: Look for a plugin that can be useful but won’t break your bank. Your experience also has to do with considering your budget. If you don’t need advanced features, go for an affordable one instead of spending a lot on features that will be useless.
  • The Platform You’ll Be Using It For: Look for Audacity plugins compatible with whatever platform you use. If you’re using desktops and laptops, check your operating system. While most plugins are available for Windows or MacOS, it is still better to check, as your choice will have a long-lasting impact.

Audacity Plugin Features to Look For

If you want your audio to stand out, you should know the features to look for. Here are some key features Audacity plugins must have:

  • Ease of Use: Look for a plugin that is easy to use and control, especially if you are a beginner. This will make your editing easier and more enjoyable.
  • Versatile: Do not choose a plugin that you cannot use in different ways. Look for one that can be used for audio and vocal editing. 
  • Effectiveness: The main job of a plugin is to improve the sound quality. Hence, you should look for features like removing noise, making things clearer, or adding special effects.
  • Reliability: You should choose a plugin you can depend on. It should be stable and reliable, because if not, you might encounter crashes and errors in the middle of your tasks.   
  • Regular Updates: These features are essential for fixing bugs and making the program run better.
  • Community Support: You should also choose plugins with a community of helpful users. This is important, especially if you need help fixing audacity problems to maximize the use of the Audacity plugin.
  • Documentation: This will help you understand the features, settings, and some troubleshooting for a particular problem. 


How can I use Audacity plugins effectively?

When using Audacity plugins, it is important to consider some factors to maximize their use. By considering all the factors and features to look for I have mentioned above, you will be on your way to a successful recording and editing journey.

Can I use Audacity without plugins?

Yes, you can use Audacity without installing plugins, as it has built-in support for LV2 plugins. However, some features are lacking in the built-in and are available in third-party plugins. Hence, using other plugins for a certain purpose will be better. 

Should I consider the paid plugins over the free ones?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. If you can use the free ones without sacrificing the quality of your task, then you can go for it. But if you need some advanced features, then paid plugins are your way.

Are Audacity plugins compatible with any operating systems?

Audacity plugins are generally compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. But you must ensure your specific plugin is compatible with your OS and Audacity version. To do this, you can always check check the plugin documentation.

What are the best features an Audacity Plugins should have?

The most important features of an Audacity plugin are ease of use and versatility because these two features can simplify the editing process whether you are a beginner or experienced.

What are the benefits of the Audacity plugin?

With Audacity plugins, you can add some effects and improve the audio quality. This is beneficial if you are a podcaster aiming for more listeners, as you can make your audio more engaging. 


Audacity plugins are useful to anyone when it comes to editing and recording clear audio. Look for one that aligns with your preference and expertise. You should also consider some factors, including your budget, expertise, and the platform. 

For features, look for ease of use, versatility, effectiveness, Reliability, regular updates, community support, and documentation. Considering these features can ensure your audio editing experience is optimized and streamlined. 

With these 10 best Audacity plugins mentioned above, you can enjoy editing and recording while maintaining the quality of your audio, whether it’s for business, podcast, or social media purposes. These 10 best picks will level up your editing experience! 

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to use Audacity effectively, Audacity Guide is all you need. You can find it all, from Audacity audio editing tutorials and tips to mastering the Audacity interface. 


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