Download Noise Gate for Audacity in 2021 (Install & Update)


A noise gate Audacity is a kind of “audio gate” that is “Open” for sound to pass through when the level is above “Threshold.” If the audio is below the threshold level, the gate shuts and seizes, or the signal goes down, which makes it significantly quiet. A noise gate only reduces the noise level during quiet sessions between sounds, but it does not eliminate noise from a signal. It is useful in many situations. For more interesting articles, don’t forget to visit Audacityguide.

noise gate audacity

Noise gate comes to play, lowering the noise level, in the silent parts of a recording where the noise is apparent. For instance, dither noise that is evident in a recording can be eliminated with Noise Gate in 16-bit audio files. In quality preference, enable a 32-bit default sample format and disable “High Quality” dither.

Sometimes, noise removal by other methods can cause a degradation of sound quality. Here, a Noise Gate can effectively reduce the noise level to an extent between sounds and not affect the actual sound recorded quality. When a piece of recorded music has low intermittent noise, of a particular type, in the background that is audible during pauses in a recording and Noise Gate can silence the noise. Use Noise Gate to silence or effectively reduce the noise levels in periods that should be silent.

Details of how to manage Audacity is really helpful, but it is also great to inform you that we have download Audacity for Linux, Audacity for Windows 10, Audacity for Mac, Audacity for iPhone/iPad, Audacity for Chromebook, Audacity for Android, and download Audacity VST enabler.

Noise Gate Plug-ins for Audacity

Plug-ins or libraries add functionality to Audacity, giving you special effects and capabilities like audio generation and analysis. Additional libraries allow you to import and export more audio formats.  

Nyquist Noise Gate is a plug-in with several features and settings that make it practical and unobtrusive. The most important parameter when using Noise Gate is to set the threshold carefully. Nyquist Noise plug-in has an analysis tool that assists in setting the threshold level right. 

  1. Open Noise Gate Effect and select noise only
  2. Click on Function > Analyze Noise level and take note of the suggested threshold level.
  3. Choose a part of the audio track that has both sound and silence.
  4. Use Noise Gate with these settings: Click on Function > Gate Level reduction > -100- Carefully listen to see that the noise is being cut, yet the audio is still present. The gate is fully closed and produces an absolute silence when closed, and sound may be unnatural. However, you should easily hear if the threshold is set right. Press CTRL + Z to undo if it is necessary to adjust the threshold level.
  5. Once your threshold is correctly set, increase the “Level reduction” settings to the highest environment that produces a reasonable amount of gating. The default setting Level is – 12 dB, and it works well.
  6. If the setting is up to satisfaction, then apply Noise Gate to the whole song. 

The gate minimum is 10ms, and it may open fully then close almost instantly as the audio level crosses the threshold. At the maximum gate may “Flutter” or “Snap.” The gate maximum (1000ms) the gate slowly opens(fades in) one second before the sound level goes past the threshold then gradually shuts (Fades out) after the audio level drops below the threshold for a second. You can achieve longer gate times(up to 10 secs) by typing in the text box instead of a slider. 

Plug-in installation

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LIV2 Plug-ins

LV2 plug-ins are extensible successors of LADSPA effects, and they have inbuilt support. LV2 plug-ins are mostly built-in for Linux, but Audacity supports LV2 on all OSs. Place installed LV2 plug-ins in the system LV2 location and use the plug-in managers to empower the new plug-ins as per the plug-in instructions. 

VST Plug-ins

Audacity can’t load VST effects and not VST instruments on all OSs, so you don’t require a VST enabler. On Windows, install the VST effects to Audacity plug-ins folder; /Library/Application Support/Audacity/plug-ins or OS X/Mac OS or to system locations. Use plug-ins manager to enable the new plug-in’s installation above. Most VST effects found on most plug-in sites are, Hitsquad, KVR Audio, and Open directory.

Audio Unit Plug-ins

noise gate

Audacity does not recognize any audio plug-ins in its plug-ins folder, but the plug-in manager enables the new plug-ins. On mac OS X, you can add audio unit plug-ins to the system plug-in directory. Also, on Apple units, you can use the above instructions to install.


🎺🎵How to install a noise gate in Audacity?

You need to select and load the entire audio selection into RAM. Your device needs to have sufficient memory to prevent the plug-in from crashing with Audacity. The sample rate length of audio selection OS and RAM will determine the maximum extent that can be independently processed. It is advisable to test this effect carefully before on a long 45 minutes track to view your computer limits. 

🤔🤔How to download the noise gate Audacity?

Download noise gate audacity on mac OS X or Windows to get extra functionality with Audacity. Plug-ins like new LADSPA or Nyquist plug-ins and place them in Audacity’s plug-in folder.

🔊📢How to remove echo in the audacity noise gate?

Select the audio file with the echo you must want to reduce in Audacity. Tap on effect on the toolbar, then click on “Noise Gate” from the list. The noise gate window is an offline effect that allows you to play your audio before you can play it back. 


A noise gate is a software used to control the volume of an audio signal. You can compare it to a compressor which attenuates sounds or signals above a threshold like television noise, hums, or musical notes that are below the threshold. If you have more information on Noise Gate audacity, feel free to share below.

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