How to Isolate Vocals in Audacity (Remove Vocals From Track)


You are more likely than not contemplating on how to isolate vocals in audacity to make karaoke tracks. It is the move to make in a situation where you don’t need to bother with the music. Using a straightforward and incredible source sound, you can isolate the instruments and spare the vocals for an acapella. Discover all the data you need about audacity and its capacities on Audacity

how to isolate vocals in audacity

How to Isolate Vocals in audacity from a song

Use vocal reduction and isolation to separate vocals by choosing one action in the dropdown menu dialog. However, the result may not be satisfactory, or it may not be total isolation as it depends on how the quality of the original recording. 

Using the Audacity software to separate vocals work perfectly with all cases. You can use Noise Reduction in audacity to get rid of the noise captured in a song that has had vocals separated. Also, you can run Run Reduction on the original Mix before the vocals were separated. Below is a detailed process to follow when isolating vocals in audacity.

  • Click on the whole track (On the Track Control Panel select the space)
  • Click on Edit then Copy to copy the track
  • Tap on Tracks > Add New > Stereo to create a new track
  • Click on Edit > Paste to transfer the original track in the newly created Stereo track
  • On the Track Control Panel, click on the space to select the full copied track
  • To remove tap on Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation to remove vocals 
  • The track you had earlier copied should remain highlighted then Get Noise Profile tab to select Effect > Noise Reduction
  • On the Control Panel, choose the empty pace to select the original track
  • Under Effect > Noise Reduction Tap on the OK button
  • Select X from the Control Panel(top left) to delete the copied track. 
  • You remain with the isolated vocals, and you can go ahead to use them as you desire  
  1. First, duplicate the original track

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Isolate Vocals in Audacity

The two methods below are good enough to isolate vocals using audacity. These methods may not be the best way to do isolation, but will surely help you in some way.

Method 1: Use the Noise Reduction Effect

You can isolate the vocals from a whole track and remove the instrumentals. To put it in simple words, this is the process of making an acapella sound.

  1. Launch Audacity on your PC. If you don’t have it yet, you may download it from
  2. Then, import the track you want to edit.
  3. On the waveform, select the part where only instruments are being played.
  4. Afterward, go to the Effects menu and click Noise Reduction.
  5. Get the noise profile and select the entire waveform.
  6. Go back to the Effects menu and click the Noise Reduction for the second time.
  7. From there, you need to make adjustments to the parameters until you completely removed the sound from the instruments.
  8. That will leave only the vocals from the track.

Method 2: Using the Invert Effect

  1. Open audacity on your PC and import both the regular and instrumental tracks you want to edit.
  2. From those tracks, select one and use the Time Shift to align the two tracks.
  3. Zoom in the specific tracks to get the exact alignment. Otherwise, the entire process will not work. 
  4. Select the instrumental track, then navigate to the Effects menu.
  5. Choose Invert.
  6. Select both tracks by pressing CRTL+A on your keyboard.
  7. Finally, click on Tracks, select Mix, then choose Mix and Render.
  8. And you are done.


What is Audacity?

Audacity is a free multitrack audio editor across different platforms.

What is vocal isolation?

Vocal isolation is te attempt to remove or isolate an audio recording from a stereo track.

How to isolate instruments in audacity?

1. Select and move the track or mp3 into audacity
2. Separate stereo track
3. Select the 2nd track
4. Navigate to the Effects menu and select Invert
5. Copy the second track and save it

How to isolate vocals in audacity from a song?

If you have an unordinary soundtrack where the vocals are blended into one channel, you can separate the sound system track into independent channels and erase the vocal channel. Seclude the vocals, instead of deleting the other channel.

How to isolate vocals in audacity?

1. Duplicate your stereo track 
2. Select the entire record (click on the space in its Track Control Panel) 
3. Duplicate the track with Edit > Copy 
4. Make a new sound system track with Tracks > Include New > Sound system Track 
5. Use Alter > Glue to duplicate the first track in the new sound system track 
6. Select the entire duplicate track from the Track Control Panel
7. Move the vocals in duplicate by using Effects > Noise Reduction
8. The copied track should still be highlighted use Effects > Noise
9. Reduction and select Get Commotion Profile tab 
10. Select the first track from the Track Control Board
11. Use Impact > Noise Decrease then choose OK
12. Erase the duplicated track and export the isolated instrumentals.


It’s straightforward to seclude the middle channel from an audio stereo track. Check out the Audacity Review to see how you can maximize Audacity. If you are knowledgeable of any other methods to isolate vocals, we will appreciate your comment regarding this post below.

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