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Audacity is one of the most well-known audio recording platforms in the market. Many audio recording tools let you create and edit a great sound or audio. However, unlike many, Audacity is a free and open-source software for audio recording. It also comes with editing function to produce a high-quality sound. This audacity review tells you what I think of this software.

Audacity was introduced 18 years ago by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg. During the first year of release, it already became famous in the field of multimedia and received an award in 2007 and 2009. Up to now, it is still getting a high number of downloads.

What Makes Audacity Popular?

Many software that was developed in the past did not get through the rapid expansion of the programming industry. Some factors to consider are the competition and the functionalities of the program.

As programmers and developers release a new device every year, applications must go along with it. And what makes Audacity popular that people are still choosing it, despite the many audio recording tools in the market? Here are the answers.

Audacity interface

#1. Audacity is free

One of the main reasons why Audacity is popular is because you can download it without spending, it is 100% free. Some people may go with paid applications, but most of the users are ordinary people who cannot afford the cost of those paid audio recording tools.

#2. Supports almost all Operating systems

You can get Audacity for LinuxAudacity for Mac, and Audacity for Windows all for free. You don’t have to waste your time looking for an audio recorder and editor that will run to your operating system.

#3. Easy to Use Interface

The interface of Audacity is easy to use. Launch your program, go to the Transport Menu tab and you can start recording. It has toolbars that are accessible. You can use the essential functions without going back and forth to the Menu because it is provided with small buttons. For a complete guide on Audacity’s interface, please see the article on How to Use Audacity.

#4. Easy to Download

If you want to download Audacity, you need to go to their website. Click the download link of your preferred platform, wait for a few seconds or minutes until it finished installing. You can run the program with no hassle of getting a license or product key.

#5. Great Features

With Audacity alone, you can create a high-quality sound. It is packed with different editing tools such as cut, copy, trim or duplicate. It provides an unlimited undo command that allows you to go back to where you start or to a particular part of your project.

You cannot compare the overall functionality of Audacity to other free audio editing software. Audacity enables us to capture the sound from a microphone or even computer playbacks. It has the toolbar for volume control while you are recording or editing. It has a speed changer that allows the playback to go faster or slower.

Audacity supports many audio file formats. This is very helpful to those who edit pre-made audio from one computer to another.

#6. Supports hundreds of Plugins

All applications have their limitations, such as Audacity. The good thing about it is that this supports various Audacity plugins that can expand the functionalities of the software itself. Some of the plugins come with a set of effects, some are for synthesis and analysis.

Downsides of Audacity

Naturally, everything has a downside, and Audacity is no exception. Here are some of the concerns with Audacity that you may encounter also.

#1. No app for iOS and Android

This is one of the negative sides of Audacity. Yeah, the software alone is excellent; the overall features, the interface, the uses can be incomparable at a certain point. But for those who do not own a computer and only rely on their mobile phones, there’s no way they can get the Audacity, otherwise, they have to find an Audacity alternative.

#2. Lack of Support Team

Support is necessary for the technology industry. Not all of us are knowledgeable enough to understand how an application works. Even if we read manuals or watch tutorials, there are details we cannot understand. So, it is always better to ask the experts and find a specific solution to a specific problem.

When you go to the Audacity website and click the Contact button, you will not find any telephone number or email address you can reach if you have queries. Online chat can be the best way to provide support to consumers, which is not present in Audacity. If you are having a technical problem, you have to go through the hassle of reading and understanding the FAQ’s or search for forums that can give you a solution.

Overall Audacity Review

Audacity is still the best audio recording and editing software in the market. It makes recording and editing a great experience even for first-timers. The lack of technical support and the fact that it is not available for mobile phones never affect the Audacity’s performance.

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