How to Remove Background Noise With Audacity (2021 Guide)


Commotion is likely the most well-known issue in beginner digital broadcasts. Proficient digital shows sound extraordinarily significant when free of any noise, as a result of systems working correctly. Become familiar with specific approaches in Audacity remove background noise when you record as you get more information from Audacity.  

audacity remove background noise

The decrease in background noise can lessen the steady foundation of sounds. For example, murmur, whistle, cry, buzz” and “murmur, for example, tape murmur, fan commotion, or FM/webcast bearer noise, isn’t reasonable for single snaps and pops, or sporadic foundation noise, for example, from traffic or a crowd of people. Below is a series of actions you can take to reduce background noise. 

Please take note that Audacity can be installed on various operating systems like Audacity for Chromebook, Audacity for Mac, Download Audacity for PC Windows, or Audacity for Android. You may also need Audacity VST enabler.

The key to making incredible sound isn’t a mystery. You should record in a suitable acoustic environment, use an excellent mouthpiece, modify recording levels appropriately, and set up the mic at the correct distance and edge. The actions below will help you to have a clear and quality sound when you record.

Audacity, Remove Background Noise with Room Tone 

Fans, climate control systems, coolers, PCs, and more would all be able to cause background noise. Turn them off if they are not in use when you begin recording to avoid producing unwanted noise during your recording.

Room tone is a few seconds of the natural environment where you are doing your recording. Ensure that there is no noise whatsoever as you begin to record the room tone. You might hear it, but any sensitive microphone can pick the lightest sounds in the room like ventilation noise, computer fans, or even nail filing.

If you are in charge of the recording, always remember to record a room tone of up to 10 seconds or a little longer. Room tone serves as a baseline for audacity during noise removal. With a section of your recording having a room tone, it is an excellent practice since you will need it when removing any unwanted noise. 

You can find a part of your recording with room tone if you are not the one in charge of the record. Mostly, it will be at the beginning of the recording, during breaks or at the end, and it will serve you correctly when you are removing any unwanted noise. Remove Audio Recording in Audacity by:

  1. First, set your room tone in your recording by dragging your mouse or cursor to an area with no audio recording.
  2. Click on Noise Reduction under the Effect Menu 
  3. Select the entire recording that you want to remove the background noise. Tap on select, then click All.
  4. Navigate to Effect Menu and select Noise Reduction
  5. Now listen to your clip and ensure it clear of any unwanted noise. Read related articles about How to use audacity and Audacity autotune.

Slide Functions in audacity

Noise Reduction: The function controls noise reduction 

Sensitivity: It identifies the range of noise removal, which is considered as noise. The higher the field of noise removal, the more the actual recording is affected.

Frequency smoothing: The software’s default setting is three, and any settings lower than this will favor music while a higher environment favors conversations.

NOTE: Go easy on the slides as the slightest adjustment can cause huge effects on your audio.

Reduce and Residue tabs: Reduce acts as a preview of what the audio will sound like once the noise is removed. The residue wily l give you the exact noise to be removed. 

Learn more about Audacity by reading this Audacity review. Know things regarding LAME for Audacity or Error opening sound device Audacity.


What is audacity?

Audacity is free multilingual software that records and edits audio recordings on Windows, Linux, macOS X, among other Operating Systems.

How to remove background noise in audacity?

>Download and install audacity to your PC
>Open Audacity.
>Drag in the song. Pull in tune from your recording
>Split the Sound system Track.
>Select the Base Track. 
>Edit the Base Track.
>Put back the edited Tracks to one.
>You can now export your song and save the noise-free piece.


Decreasing clamor generally brings about some twisting, which is ordinary, and there is no way around it. There here’s just a tad of commotion, and the sign, that is, the voice, music, or another wanted sound, it distorts the quality of production. Please give us your opinion regarding this post below.

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