Audacity for iOS is one of the best tools you can get for your iPhone or iPad tablet. Being a musician, I know you want to have an audio recorder for your iOS device. I am sure you prefer the best when it comes to audio recording tool you can get. A tool that will allow you to enhance your sound or audio; add effects; and most of all, free and easy to use like the Audacity. And as an iPhone or iPad user, you want to get it to install in your device.

audacity for ios (iphoneipad)

Imagine you’re on a travel and suddenly you want to record an audio, but you don’t have your computer with you. All you have is your iPhone or iPad to make your recording. Audacity is a promising software and it is great if we can access it in our mobile devices. But unfortunately, there is no Audacity for iOS up to now.

Sounds disappointing right? But if you would ask me if you can still find an audio recorder for your iOS device, absolutely YES! That’s why we find alternatives for you. All you have to do is get them from the App Store.

These alternatives are specifically made for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. If you happen to own an Android phone and you want to get Audacity for Android, you can check the article from our website. We also provided you guides on how to use Audacity and where to download it for your multiple devices.

Audio Tool that Works Like Audacity for iOS

1. AudioShareAudio Share

This app is only available for iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). It is a great alternative to Audacity. It comes with different feature such as record and edits audio or sound. Editing function includes trim, convert, and normalize. It supports the import and export commands and converts the audio files to different formats.

The advantage of Audacity is that it has many options for enhancing your audio. Audioshare does not have the necessary editing tools such as cut, copy and paste functions. If you want to edit your audio and add effects, you have to do it in a different application then import to Audioshare. But for the organization of your tracks and audio files, this is the best application to do that.

You can get Audioshare in the App Store of your device for as low as $3.99.

2. Cubasis 2Cubasis

Cubasis 2 can be an alternative audio recorder to Audacity for iOS. This is a promising tool that lets you record, edit, mix, and share the music you have produced. It comes with time-stretching function and added effects to improve your audio or sound.

The main features of Cubasis include importing audio from iTunes or iCloud drive or exporting it to external hard drives, Dropbox, Audio Copy and even an email. This is unique from other audio recording tools because this application provides a virtual instrument like a keyboard, chord and drum pads.

Unlike Audacity, Cubasis is not free and comes at a high price. You can buy this app for $49.99.

3. EdityEdity

Edity is a free application for iOS devices. It is a simple yet powerful tool for recording and editing audio. You can edit audio files imported from the library or recorded sound. This is great for light editings such as copy and paste, crop music, or effects like entering and fade.

With this free software, you can record and produce a high-quality audio and convert it to WAV format.


Audacity made a great name in the multimedia industry. However, it does not support the need of the mobile phones, specifically the iOS. Thankfully, there are alternatives to this application.

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